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Necklace & Bracelet Repair


Has your favorite heirloom locket’s clasp become worn out and snapped? Has the fine chain gotten itself into an ugly tangle? Are your pearls no longer on the string as they should be? Whatever problem has befallen your necklace, we can make it as good as new. Whether it’s untangling a knot, restringing pearls or mending a broken chain, your necklace or bracelet will be wearable again before you know it.

When the chain of your bracelet is broken, you can rely on the Jewelry Repair Quick for repairing your bracelet. Actually, it does not only work for bracelets. The word “bracelet” in the bracelet repair stands every kind of jewelries. Thus, if you have broken jewelry clasps and closures, pendant, and more, you can always ask for assistance from the skilled jewelers of the Jewelry Repair Quick. You no longer have to wait longer to get what your jewelry. Sometimes, there are even times wherein you can watch while the jeweler repairs your jewelry while you wait for it to get done.

Chain Soldering

Chain soldering will always be one of the most common issues of jewelries. It has a high possibility that you will break the chain of your bracelet, necklace, or any of your jewelries. Fortunately, the Jewelry Quick Time is very talented when it comes to soldering jewelry chains. Thus, you can be sure that they will be able to bring back your jewelry on its brand new condition like it was never been broken. They can also replace your broken jewelry clasps and closures. They won’t leave any damage of your jewelries undone.

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